I am lost. How can someone like me be lost? It was expected that I will find my way. Oh, my!

What is this strange place? The special whiff of the air made me lose my way. I relied on that smell. Am I different then?

I am panicking now. I can feel my body becoming rigid. I stood rooted to my spot taking in the different scene. Oh boy! Oh boy!

It was exactly then that I heard my mother’s melodious voice calling at me. It was a muffled sweetย Trill. Thank you, Lord God.

After my mom admonished me for wandering away from the flock, we flew off and joined them.

Did you know: Male dark-eyed juncos produce a musical song consisting of a fast trill, and both males and females also give a quieter song that includes various whistles, trills, and warbles. Arkive.org

Image courtesy: https://pixabay.com/photo-2752966/